You can advertise your car very easily. Just show a photo, give the price and mileage. But there are many dealers with similar cars to yours. What can you do to make your dealership stand out? The dealership is sold on what makes it unique. Each point of contact should reinforce this same concept, that you are better than your competitors. More bonuses?

It is important that you sit down, and write down all the great things your dealership does to set you apart. When I first started at the dealership, it was one of my very first tasks. The bullet list was affectionately called by everyone. Our mantra was the bullet list; we made sure that everyone knew what makes us special. We used the bullet list in everything advertising-related, such as print ads and business cards. Bullet list reinforcement was done verbally and on the phone with the salesmen.

Consider these things when creating your bullet list.

Do you file a report with the credit bureaus?

Is there a warranty that is free?

What is your BBB score?

What service benefits do you provide?

You only offer liability coverage?

Do you have a certified vehicle?

You have low down payment?

Are you offering a shuttle for your clients or service loaners?

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