A telescoping flagpole has many advantages over a conventional one imp source. The pole is lightweight and can be easily erected in under one minute. A telescoping pole allows you to easily raise or lower a flag at any time in your home or workplace. It will take only seconds to raise or lower your flag, as opposed to the hours it takes with a traditional pole. Your flag will soon be flapping in wind in no time. Additionally, there is no need for tangled ropes, or loud, clanging hardware. This pole can be easily taken down even in the most severe weather conditions. It is easy to take down the flag pole during severe weather conditions. Set your mind at ease by lowering the flag pole.

Sunsetter’s Telescoping Flag Pole is 20 feet long. This pole is designed to hide all hardware, protecting it from corrosion or rust. The aircraft-grade aluminum will withstand years of use. The pole will have your American flag flying high in no time. The pole is made up of four sections that nest inside one another. As you perform the raises the sections will lock in place. Nothing is more simple. You can choose from three different colors and this high quality product will add value to your yard.

Uncommon USA also offers a Telescoping flagpole made of 16 gauge aluminium. Anodized aluminum prevents rust, so maintenance will be easy. To mount your flag, a swivel-mounted harness is used. It allows the flag to fly around the pole without being wrapped. This will help protect your American flag, and preserve it for many years. Each unit comes with a USA-flag to add color and flair to your yard. Telescoping flagpoles are a better option than traditional ones for many reasons. It’s not hard to see why so many homeowners are switching to this type. The flag pole can be a great way to display your flag. It will make it easier to raise and lower your flag.

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