It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert coffee drinker or a novice, you know all cups of espresso aren’t created equally. While the taste and quality of coffee are largely dependent on how the machine is used, it also depends on the kind of coffee. Coffee and water are both the same, but how you prepare it and what machine you use will determine the quality of your coffee. Here are some popular methods and machines for making your coffee – check this out!

Allow your hands to stir – the most economical way to make coffee is by putting instant coffee and hot water together, then stirring it with your hand. Although the price is low, it’s not worth the poor quality.

Coffee in the basket is slowly poured into the machine. This type of coffee maker uses water that is just below boiling point to pass through the ground coffee. Brewing takes between four and five minutes. Campers love this type because it is easily portable.

French Press: This is another name for a plunger. The French Press is filled with coffee grounds and then water heated to just below the boiling point slowly and uniformly poured on top. After the water has been allowed to sit for a couple of minutes, the plunger must be slowly pushed in. It produces an excellent cup of coffee. Coffee lovers in the office are fond of this coffee machine.

Automatic Drip Coffeemaker: This is by far the most common coffee maker on the current market. This type of coffeemaker uses cold water heated to slightly below boiling temperatures. It is then distributed evenly over coffee grounds, and drips from the machine are collected into a cup below. The majority of these models are programmable to allow you to synchronize your brewing time and alarm clock. These models are available in a wide range of features, including brew intensity control settings, integrated coffee grinding, cup capacity, and even self-cleaning. Prices range between tens of dollars and thousands.

They are usually single-serve machines that work in the same way as automatic drip coffeemakers, except the measurement of coffee is done automatically. For one cup, you use just one pod. It is also easy to clean as you can throw the pod in the bin. The pods are more costly than the automatic drip counterparts.

Espresso machines are machines that quickly inject hot water in the coffee using steam, a piston pump or other methods. This pressure brewed coffee produces espresso, a thick and strong black coffee with some foam on top. Espresso machines are also priced differently depending on their pressure-producing method and other features.

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