Some generators have no idea where their hazardous waste ends up or how it’s handled. In the event that hazardous waste is shipped to a final disposal site approved by Environmental Protection Agency, it can be incinerated or neutralized. Every process is different and has both pros and con – more bonuses?

Generally, if the disposal cost is higher, then the responsibility of the generator decreases. Asbestos wastes or radioactive wastes cannot be landfilled. Some times it can be more cost-effective to place Mercuric Salts at a Secure Chemical Landfill rather than incinerate them, since this causes an airborne release. They are covered with a sheet that is non-permeable and self-sealing. As per a design that has been approved by Professional Engineering Consultants, there are frequent monitors of liquid and gases. State and Federal Authorities approve these designs. All contents are cataloged to facilitate future removal if necessary.

You can blend organic liquid wastes with high British Thermal Units and sell them as fuels for CoGen plants. A sample of the liquid waste must be taken and tested for Poly Chlorinated Binyls.

A neutralization procedure is a method of balancing liquids, usually those that have an acidic base. A batch tank will be treated in order to achieve a pH level of neutrality. The liquid gets diluted and metals precipitate out. It is then released in the environment, after all tests have been performed and met EPA requirements. The dried precipitate will be captured, contained and transported to Secure Chemical Landfill.

A process called stabilization, involves the use of materials that are difficult to extract or that would be expensive to recover. Radioactive wastes substances such as Mercuric Salts that could potentially leach out to groundwater are stabilized and placed in Secure Chemical Landfills for a period of unlimited time. A similar process can be compared to mixing up a batch cement and adding the dangerous constituents.

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