It is more than just a way to enhance our appearance, perfume is the source of many fond memories. Prior to the 1950s perfume was a luxury product reserved for the wealthy. Modern perfumeries began mass marketing perfume for commoners. Over time, not only the perfume but also the bottles in which it is stored began to be more sought after. The bottles, with their intricate designs and designer stoppers are a work of art. Helpful resources!

Glass Perfume Bottles have become increasingly popular since crystals became the new trend. These bottles, from crystal antique vials to brilliant presentation, evoke glamour and style. Modern day, these bottles are regarded as items with cultural and artistic value. The perfume bottles come in many different designs and colours.

History of Perfume Bottles

The development of organic chemistry in the nineteenth century led to the creation of perfume bottles. Most perfume vials had floral patterns and were made of crystal. The majority of these came with an applicator wand to be used on the wrist or neck. As a result, atomizers were introduced to spray using an applicator. Women around the globe began to use empty containers for storing their favorite scent.

In the early 20th century, soldiers brought perfume back from war. The result was an increase in sales, which forced companies to work with designers on new bottle designs. Hollywood’s glamour and glitz inspired urban packaging with its eye-catching designs.

The rock and roll bands, as well as the modern art movements, boosted craftsmanship. This led to the creation of highly decorated toppers in the shape of hats or flowers, fruit, etc.

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