You can earn money via websites that make money. Money making websites allow you to start your own company, or online dairy cow, without having to spend a fortune on manufacturing and brand building. You must work to establish a good reputation – related site!

However, it is not necessary to create brand recognition and recall for specific products or services. You only need to affiliate with many companies and brands. This sounds easier than what it is because you need to understand the basics, like analyzing and working in a specific niche.

The internet is full of different types of websites that make money. Be careful not to be duped by companies that have affiliate programs and offer free websites.

Merchant Websites

Affiliate marketing allows you to be either a distributor or advertiser. Websites that are primarily merchant or vendor-focused tend to focus more on the first aspect. You will need to contact several brands within a certain product category, such as water sports gear, if you plan to launch your affiliate marketing business in this way. If their website is brand new, then you could be the first affiliate. It can be to your benefit, as competition is high in established niches.

Comparative Shopping Sites

Also, you can create comparison shopping sites. You can be either a shopping comparison website or an online business directory. Set up a site where customers can compare features and prices. The same is true for online business directories. These directories are scanned by people who need a specific product or service. You can make money by directing customers to the websites of companies that pay for inclusion in your directory.

Niche Market Websites

The comparison-shopping strategies of these websites are taken to the next level. The websites provide information on prices, product specifications, and feedback from actual users of the product. is an example of a niche site for coffee products. You can earn money by sending prospective customers to the affiliate site.


It is easy to create these websites. The content can range from product reviews and political opinions to anecdotes. It is written in a journal style or informal manner. If you work for a modern furniture manufacturer, you could create a blog with an interior design theme. If you are interested in a niche or have knowledge about it, blogging is much easier. If you’re going to write about restaurants, you should probably like food.

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