Moldavite is the subject of many urban legends, and there are also misconceptions. Some believe it creates portals to another dimension, and others claim that it’s an alien stone. Moldavite is said to smell strange. This myth has lasted for centuries. Does this claim have any foundation? Inner Vision Crystals is here to set the record straight for you, article source.

Be clear: Moldavite does not smell. Moldavite does not smell, nor has it any aroma. There is no reason for you to believe that. Moldavite comes from tektite. This mineral is formed when a meteorite hits the surface of the Earth and melts surrounding rocks. It doesn’t grow on anything or trees.

Where did the rumor come from? The smell of moldavite does not come from the stone. It’s more likely due to lingering oil or compounds that have absorbed scents over the years.

Even if you notice a slight smell in your stone, it’s nothing to worry about. This is not an ominous warning or paranormal. It’s more likely an indicator that previous owners took good care of your stone.

If you are still concerned about the smell, there are a couple of things you can try to refresh your moldavite. To remove oils and grime, wash the moldavite stone with warm water using a mild soap. You can then leave the stone in the sunlight for several hours to allow it to breathe and remove any scents.

Inner Vision Crystals’ priority is to help consumers make the best use of their moldavite. Grab some moldavite and experience the thrill! Don’t let the scent get in your way of spiritual growth.

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