You will need to prepare your meals in advance if you want to keep a healthy eating routine. It will help you to stay on track, save you time during busy times and make it easier to healthy chew meal prep services.

However, not all foods are equally good at cooking. Certain foods can only be kept for a few days while others may keep well for four to five days. Other foods, on the other hand, can freeze well and can be used later. These might be the foods that you want to concentrate on when cooking.

Let’s take a look at the most important foods to be aware of…

1. Chicken Breast. Chicken breasts are the best choice for protein. They are a more firm protein source and can be frozen for up to weeks. Grill 10 to 12 breasts in batches and then serve them throughout the week.

They won’t lose texture, unlike other protein sources, like fish.

2. Brown Rice Brown rice should be included in your daily meals. Brown rice is not only slow to digest, but it can also promote long-term energy.

It’s simple to whip up large batches and store them in Tupperware containers until they’re needed. It is a stronger grain and should withstand microwaving.

3. Peppers. Many vegetables won’t withstand reheating. Broccoli will go mushy as will cauliflower.

Peppers, however, tend to do quite well. You can reheat them to make sure they are slightly firmer.

4. Hard-Boiled Eggs. Hard-Boiled Eggs are also a good option. You can boil a dozen eggs in a pot and use them for snacks throughout the day. Hard-boiled eggs, while not the best egg variety, are one exception.

These are the top foods you should consider when you’re preparing your meals. These will make meal preparation easier than ever.