A plasma wall mount for your TV is the best option if you’ve already invested every cent of your income tax returns into the new plasma TV mounting Alexandria VA set.

A wall mount for plasma television sets is an affordable way to mount them to the wall. For a sleek and discreet appearance, a wall mount bracket features a slimline design. Flat wall mounts can be used for plasma mounting applications that are “close to” the wall. Many options are available that allow you to position the screen at different angles, so you can enjoy your TV no matter where you are.

You can choose from a variety of features and options for a plasma television wall mount

To accommodate the weight of your plasma television, a wall mount for plasma televisions comes in different sizes. You should be familiar with both the size and weight of your new plasma TV wall mount. Plasma TV wall mounts typically hold the screen at about 1.3 inches from the wall. The exact distance will vary from product to product but the general rule of thumb is to keep it as close to the wall and as small as possible. The Screen can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and the orientation of the screen can be changed once it is mounted.

The best thing about a plasma TV wall mount is its theft security. You can secure your plasma television wall mount with theft-resistant security screws. Although it’s possible for someone to take your plasma television from a credenza, or shelf, it is much more difficult to do so with the resistant security screws. Fasteners for concrete or wood stud installation are another great feature of a plasma TV wall mounting. These fasteners can be used if you have limited wall space or your living room has a focal point such as a fireplace. You can mount your TV almost anywhere you like, even on the fireplace.