When we look closely at the ministry and teachings of Jesus, we see that they did not stop doing the work Jesus taught. They prayed and anointed all those who were sick with therapeutic oil. There are lessons that we can learn from this if you want to perform Christian healing. Therapeutic Contact Religious Ministry uses the Laying on of Fingers. It’s designed to help churches recover healing, based on the function of their church. We combine this with prayer, and we anoint the person to allow for healing, no matter what the form. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, going here

Early Christian healers used prayer, touching, and anointing as a common exercise. How can we strengthen our faith to heal others? What happens when we place a therapeutic or medicinal-grade essential oil on our arms and contact one another in faith?

There are four main methods for the simple Laying-On of Palms method: evaluation, centering, intention, remedy, and assessment.

“They’ll wrap their arms around the sick, and they’ll get better.” Mark 16/18

It really is vital that you make arrangements for the one who will be receiving healing. To get permission to touch the other person, you must inform them of any actions you are taking and solicit their feedback. Before you use an important oil, make sure to ask them if they have any allergies.

Start your therapeutic work by placing a few drops in each of your hands. Frankincense is my favorite oil for this purpose. Other choices include: myrrh (or cedarwood), hyssop (or spikenard), Rose of Sharon, Galbanum, sandalwood, aloes, and balsam. Use a therapeutic oil, as synthetic oils are not suitable for daily use. Only unadulterated therapeutic oils have a healing vibrational frequency. I always want to let the person I am working with smell the oils.

You can prepare your inner self for healing by focusing on Intention and Centering.

Evaluation is not about deciding what to take action on; it’s about taking in information, facts and listening.

It’s about opening up to the power of God flowing through your palms and your heart. It is your ability to be a channel, a conduit, and facilitator in the flow of divine energy.

Find out more information about Christian churches and how you can reclaim therapeutic. Lessons are taught by the Institute of Religious Therapeutic and Aromatherapy. s for each type of aromatherapy or strength (nonsecular), healing.