Trying to understand the confusing language of the stars can make it difficult for men to find their way through the sea of fragrances. It’s hard to deny the appeal of giving a unique scent as a present. Enter ESNC Perfumery. Each bottle is a promise with a unique story. We’ll help you choose the right perfume for your man, whether it is a birthday or upcoming holiday. More bonuses!

1. Classic Connoisseurs will enjoy:

For some men, vintage is the only way to go. They would love a scent that has woody tones with slight hints of tobacco and leather. The scent is a tribute to a golden age.

2. Modern Maverick:

The modern man is always in motion, on top of trends and willing to try something new. He deserves a perfume that matches his pace. Blends with citrus and aquatic notes will capture your dynamic energy.

3. The Nature Nurturer

He may find solace in nature, whether it’s the forest, the mountain, or the ocean. If this is the case, you can be sure he would appreciate a scent which reflects that. You can choose from scents with green or herbaceous notes. Or, you could go for a fragrance that captures the sea air.

4. You can also find out more about the Spicy Spirit by clicking here.

A man who is bold, confident and unquestionably charismatic will turn heads when he walks into the room. You can also choose a fragrance with strong spicy notes, such as cardamom and black pepper.

5. The Subtle Sophist:

The power of subtly is what he values. The minimalist approach would suit a delicate mix of soft musky notes, intertwined by floral notes or citruses.

6. The Adventurous Alchemist

It’s better to explore all of them than just one. You could gift a collection of miniatures. Imagine giving him a map of the world and encouraging him to explore. Each day, each mood, a different scent.

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