A clean carpet requires regular maintenance important site. Many homeowners wonder how often to deep clean. The carpet cleaners north shore recommend cleaning carpets on a seasonal basis. This page explains their seasonal carpet-cleaning guide.

Carpets should be professionally clean in spring. Spring humidity can adhere dirt, allergens or other debris from the winter to your carpet. Spring professional cleaning removes all these particles to refresh your carpet.

Spring pollen can get stuck in your carpet. Allergy victims can benefit greatly from a professional clean.

Even in summer, carpets are still cleanable. In warmer temperatures, and during longer daylight, the carpets will dry more quickly. This will reduce mildew and mold growth. Carpet Cleaning North Shore cautions against cleaning in hot, humid weather because it prolongs drying.

The likelihood that dirt and grass will be tracked inside your house increases during the summer. Your carpets can be kept clean by a mid- or end-of summer carpet cleaning.

As autumn approaches, you may want to consider a second carpet cleaning. Autumn can cause carpets to retain allergens because mould spores are more prevalent and dust mites are more common. Carpet cleaning by a professional can reduce winter allergies.

Winter brings longer indoor hours and more carpet traffic. It is possible that your carpets will need a deep cleaning this season because of dirt and debris tracked in by wet and muddy footwear. Cooler temperatures may cause carpets to dry slower.

Cleaning your carpets before guests arrives at Christmas can help you make the most of your home.

The carpet cleaning schedule for your home may differ depending on the time of year. Carpet cleaning frequency is dependent on household size and pets as well as carpet color and material.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney recommends a professional clean at least one time a year. For larger homes or households with pets, more frequent cleanings can be beneficial. Between professional cleanings, vacuuming your carpet regularly can maintain its cleanliness and lengthen its life.
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