It is surprising how few people are aware that they can grow their own mushrooms. Most prefer to purchase imported bulk mushroom products from overseas. It is not a good idea to buy mushrooms from the supermarket because they have little shelf life. Also, mushrooms dislike being packaged in plastic. Come and visit our website search it on mushroom capsules you can learn more.

One of the benefits of growing your own mushrooms is you won’t be limited to what the shop displays, usually button mushrooms and Shiitake mushrooms. Even though oyster mushrooms are considered to be one of the easier types to grow, you might want to consider growing something else that shops don’t sell. Lions Mane mushrooms are a bit harder to grow but have a similar taste to lobster. They can cost a lot more to buy at specialty retailers.

It is important to first choose the variety of mushrooms you want to cultivate. Although there are many edible mushrooms which can be grown inside the house or out, the majority of growers choose the oyster to start because of its simplicity.

If you choose a mushroom type to grow, it is important to know the requirements for each one. All fungi have their unique growing characteristics. If you want to grow an oyster mushroom, you will need either a substrate based on wood (paper or cardboard), or you can do it with straw. This is the most commonly used substrate because it provides the best yield.

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