Melbourne’s bustling streets, skyscrapers and residential neighborhoods are home to many stories. Not the stories of baristas making the perfect latte useful source. But the stories of buildings finding their footing – literally! Rectify shines out of the foundational fog in the storyline that underpins melbourne. They have a portfolio of countless successes, but we are going to focus on two that capture their spirit.

Case Study No. 1: The Slanted Suburban Home

Location: Altona in Melbourne
The homeowners noticed an uneven slope in their living area. Doors would not close correctly and mysterious cracks appeared.

Solution: Rectify sprung into action when they diagnosed the problem as a differential settlement. The house was split into two parts, one of which decided to stay in place and the other decided it would be more fun to sink. The remedy? You guessed it! Rectify extended foundation depths at strategic points in order to provide uniform support for the entire home.

The Altona house went from being slanted and sagging to being solid. Its doors behaved like they should have, while cracks were banished from its walls. Also, the homeowners have a renewed confidence in their house’s structural integrity.

Case Study 2: The Historical Building’s Hiccup

Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne
A beloved building from the 1900s started to show signs of distress. The bricks, mortar and other aging materials needed TLC. Some areas were in need of more than just cosmetic touch-ups.

Solution: Rectify viewed underpinning as a delicate task, similar to the way one treats vintage wines. History, heritage and the past were all important. The old charm was not disturbed by using a combination of mass concrete with modern techniques.

The Fitzroy gem remained standing, with its historic essence intact. The building’s foundation no longer was an issue, and it will continue to be a source of pride for many years to come.

It’s like trying to navigate a maze when you dive into the world underpinning in Melbourne. Rectify holds the map and makes it easy to navigate. The success of Rectify, ranging from suburban houses to grand old structures, is testament to their dedication and prowess.

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