In Great Britain, the self-storage industry was established in 1980. As more people utilize these facilities, their number has increased recommended site. The country now has 800 brightly-colored warehouses, many of which have unusual names. Surveys have shown that the average British person pays 50 Sterling Pounds per month for self storage. Although there are more people renting storage units than ever before, it is surprising how many don’t return their items to retrieve them.

Like the U.S. household, many families accumulate lots of stuff over the years. Some people won’t let go of their unwanted stuff, while others will donate it to charities hoping they will be useful in the future. So they keep their antique furniture, decors, and other items in their attic. Experts see a change in the lifestyle of people today. There is less paper being circulated today, thanks to modern communication technology which includes smart phones or laptops. Photographs, music, and books can all be stored digitally. Traveling light is the key to success. Many feel the pressure to get rid of clutter at home.

Self storage can be a great way to store your personal and business items. Storage problems can be made less stressful by renting affordable units that are easy to access. You can easily pack your items and move them to a rental facility and leave them there for as long you like. Large facilities are usually located near the main roads in the United Kingdom. They typically consist of a warehouse with many stories. Cubicles or rental units will be found inside, which can range in size from 6 feet to as large as a tennis-court court. Two-thirds (or more) of the customers are private individuals, which includes business owners as well those who are moving into a new area.

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