What if you could live a healthy life, without worrying about things like stress, weight or blood pressure? Does there exist a method for losing weight that is healthy? It is possible to lose weight healthy without going through the hassle of spending hours and hours in the gymnasium, or purchasing expensive programs like those offered by Weight Watchers. Then you discover you are still paying each month for these programs but have no motivation to use them? If you want to learn more about what is microdosing?, please visit this page.

What if you could boost your immune systems, and have more energy with natural methods? You may have wondered why chemically-created pills don’t work all the time or they work only in such a way as to require you to take another pill just so the initial one doesn’t work. In Japan it is called Lingzhi. The herb I came across after doing some research about this red fungus is called “The King of Herbs”.

What is Ganoderma Lucidum?
A red mushroom, Ganoderma Lucidum (in Japan), also known as Reishi to the Chinese and Lingzhi in Korea. The herb of spiritual power or the 10,000 year mushroom are also names for this red fungus. The ultimate herb mushroom is regarded as such because it has no side effects and offers many health benefits.

This herb can be used to the maximum potential if you know how to properly harvest and use it. Although the mushroom is very bitter in taste, it can be a great medicinal tool for your body.

This herb will help you maintain a healthy body. It is great for the body organs, particularly the liver and lungs. It protects your body from both diseases and disorders. No age group is excluded from the benefits of this magical mushroom.
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The scientific research shows that the bitter taste of this mushroom is a result of a high concentration in the four following components:
-organic Germanium (this improves oxygen uptake at a cellular level)

Triterpenes, (builder of the digestive system and liver, heart, and muscle strength)

Polysaccharides: (cleanser that enhances natural healing abilities) It also improves pancreatic functioning.

-Adenosine : Regulator (controls cholesterol, regulates hormones & endocrine system, pH and controls of blood levels)

You can also read our conclusion.
Ganoderma lucidum may be the most powerful herb ever known to humanity. Many researchers have been amazed at the herbal ingredients, but so too are people who use it.
Although it may be bitter to the taste, when infused into gourmet coffee beans (arabica with little or no caffeine), it becomes a delicious alternative for coffee addicts.

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