Genshin Impact’s most distinctive aspects are exploration and unique characters design. These features have made the game one the most loved titles of recent years. There are many rumors and leaks in Genshin Impact’s world. Interesting information about Yae Miko has been revealed numerous times over the past few weeks. She has been a popular character in the game since her two updates previews. Many are eager to learn more about her arrival. Click this link

Although Yae is getting a lot of attention, recent leaks suggest that Yae might be weaker than many players expected, especially considering all the hype. A Genshin Impact Leaks post has shown a power comparison between Yae Mio and the four-star character Fischl. This post does not compare Yae with Fischl’s constellation levels 6. Yae Miko has a very similar kit to Fischl’s, which is likely why she was included in this comparison. Fischl performs better in some aspects of the game, which is surprising considering she’s a 4-star character.

An update from a reliable leaker, abc64, has shown that Yae Miko’s strength is lower than anticipated. Many problems exist, including a long cooldown and low damage. Yae Miko seems to have a problem with her focus on one target damage. She also seems to have trouble generating energy, so many players already predict that Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko will be the best pairing. Yoimiya experienced similar kit issues after her release, and most players don’t use her anymore because of her dynamic DPS playstyle.

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