The Financial Times ads were often the only way to find brokers. Trading currencies, stocks or shares used to be purely offline – more bonuses!

For example, to buy shares or stocks you had to call up your brokerage firm and transfer money to them. Then you’d have to do the same thing when selling the shares. These archaic, pre-internet times have become a distant memory.

There are a lot of new online options to trade stocks, share and forex/fx.

The trading of shares used to be very exciting, until stock markets stagnated and my stock profile movement was minimal. The stock market was boring and I wanted something that would give me an adrenaline rush when I won big.

My attention then turned towards forex/fx/foreign currency or spread betting. Here is where the real forex hunting begins. These initial stages are simple, and for those who have invested in the past they will seem like common sense.

While searching for forex brokerages, you need to keep in mind a number of factors. As with any other online investment you make, it is important to research the broker, search for reviews, scam alerts, and look at the firm’s website.

When you find a brokerage you can choose from regulated or unregulated forex traders. If you’ve done the research, you won’t have any problems with either. It is easier to control their profits when trading forex offshore.

You will then need to choose how you want to fund your trades. In the quest for the best payment processor, you will need to make a decision. You may be able to make thousands in dollars/euros in some cases! MoneyBookers, PayPal and MoneyBookers are some of the epayments that forex brokers offer in addition to banking transfers.

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