Before you install The Fence Company AZ around your home, you should consider a few factors.

1. What are the purposes of fences?

2. Which fence styles or types do I prefer?

3. Which type of fence is best for my needs?

4. How much will this cost me?

5. Install it yourself?

6. Do I really know my real property line?


Power saw, plastic bladed powersaw, extension cords and concrete mixer tub. 4′ level. Rent a tripod and level if you have sloping land. This will help keep fence lines level when you are stepping down or up in different places. To tighten the clamp bolts, a wrench will be needed. However, a ratchet-and-socket set can save you a great deal of time.


Fences with caps, rails and all other fittings.

Concrete Redi-mix, (bagged)


Painting or staining wood fence

You can use some wood scraps to make temporary braces.

Today, there are numerous types of fences available, including wood, chain-link, aluminum, and PVC, to mention a few. They are all fences, but they have different abilities. A soft roll fence would not work if you were putting up a fence to contain a pit bull weighing 150 pounds. You can use chicken wire or soft plastic rolls to fence your garden if you want. Decide what you want to use the fence for, and then choose the right type of fencing. Let’s use an example. We are installing a fence to protect a swimming pool in the ground. This application will suit a variety of fencing styles. All of these materials are available in high-strength versions. In most states, an in-ground swimming pool fence must be 48″ tall. When these types of fencing are checked they come all in this height.

The PVC fence is available in a variety of heights. It’s strong, durable and has vertical slats which are suitable for pool fencing. PVC fences are expensive, but they last a very long time and require little maintenance. Other than the occasional wash. The fence comes with locking gates, decorative finials and corner posts, as well as other accessories to help create an attractive fenced-in area around your pool. DIY Self installation? This is a job that most handy home owners can handle with some time and effort.

There are many different styles and heights of wood fencing. The panels are usually 8 feet long, so you will need help to move these big pieces. The wood fencing needs concrete posts and it can be adapted by cutting, re-nailing and changing the shape.

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