Los Angeles Party Rentals brings to mind the ever-evolving, vibrant landscape of LA’s events scene. The city is a pulsating hub of trends, which ensures that the parties never lose their style. Opus Event Rentals is a constant that has remained the same despite all of this change, get the facts?

If you have ever attended a Hollywood event with a glass of wine and been left speechless by its grandeur, it’s likely that Opus is the brains behind the scene. We’ll take a look at some of the trends Opus championed to ensure they are always one step ahead.

Opus is a leader in the green scene. In an age where people are more aware of their environmental footprints, Opus sets a good example. The chic design of bamboo chairs, recycled-glass centerpieces and other eco-friendly elements is not just a matter of style, but it also reflects a cause that resonates globally. Opus is a great way to celebrate Mother Earth while hosting a party.

Minimalism and Mingling: The days of excessive excess are over. Now, the trend is towards minimalistic elegance, clean lines and muted colors. Whether it’s Scandinavian-inspired wooden tables or sleek monochrome seating, Opus has been pivotal in introducing and elevating this understated aesthetic.

The future is integrated technology. Virtual reality, LED furniture or QR coded place setting are just a few examples. Opus seamlessly fuses the digital transformation of events with traditional event staples to create a party that is futuristic yet familiar.

Vintage nuances are making a big comeback. Opus’s golden Gatsby candelabras and rustic wooden barn installations seamlessly combine old-world charm, modern conveniences, and a sense of time travel.

Playful pop-ups – Imagine a mini carousel or a tattoo parlor popping up at your event. Opus’ vast inventory, combined with an ingenious staff, can turn any vision into reality. This ensures that every event will be as individual as the host.

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