A website builder can be a great way for you to create professional looking websites without having to learn HTML church helper. However, many website builders can make it difficult for your website to be found on search engines. You need to select a website builder that uses clean code to improve your chances of being found and listed on search engines. Otherwise, you won’t get any natural traffic to the site.

Many of the available website builders, including paid and free ones, make code that the search engines and robots cannot understand. Even if you spend hours optimizing your website text and creating it in every other way possible, search engines won’t index your site if the code isn’t clean. Or they’ll index you further down the list. Your website code could be the difference between getting listed in the #1 or #17 positions. It could also make it impossible to get listed.

A high ranking on search engines is crucial as it will help you get more organic traffic to your site. If the wrong website developer is chosen to build your site, you may lose significant amounts of traffic as well as sales and customers. Very few website builders can create clean, search engine-friendly code. Because website builders are typically used by people not very familiar with HTML, many people do not realize that the code they create for their pages is hurting them chances of being found by search engines.

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