Apple CarPlay lets you use music, maps, or messaging features on your iPhone via your car’s system. CarPlay makes using your iPhone safer and easier, since it can be operated hands-free. Apple CarPlay is discussed in this article. Read more.

Step 1: Make sure your car is compatible

It is important to first check that your infotainment is CarPlay compliant. Older vehicles may not have CarPlay compatibility. They will require software updates or third-party devices. You can check compatibility with your manufacturer.

Step 2 – Connect your iPhone via Bluetooth to your Car

If you are sure that your iPhone is compatible, then connect it to the infotainment device in your car using a Lightning connector. CarPlay will be automatically launched by the infotainment systems in your vehicle once they have recognized the iPhone.

Step 3 – Use CarPlay

When you launch CarPlay, a wide range of options are available, such as:

Maps are available in Apple Maps. You will be able to find your way to the destination you choose and also receive live traffic updates.

Playlists, podcasts, and your Music Library can be accessed through the CarPlay user interface.

Phone: Call and receive, send and read messages and view your contacts using the CarPlay Interface.

Siri: You can use Siri for additional features such as sending text messages and reminders.

Step 4 – Customize CarPlay

CarPlay allows you to customize the interface. This includes rearranging the icons, changing your background, or turning on/off certain features. Select General in the Settings application of your iPhone and then CarPlay.

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