Samsonite, a heritage-brand, has over 100 years’ history, dating from 1910 when Jesse Shwayder first began to make luggage for travellers. Samsonite has become the most popular luggage brand in the world since then. Samsonite today is synonymous to suitcases as well as laptop bags, cabin trolleys and backpacks. It is said that the company was named Samson after the Biblical character known for strength. Samson has been a brand that produces travel products which are rugged, durable and strong. Samsonite cases and wheel bags, as well as Samsonite cabin baggage, have been known for their strength and durability. You can get the best guide on

Samsonite helps travellers to keep their possessions safe, even when travelling in extreme and harsh conditions. Samsonite suitcases, whether they are Samsonite business cases or vacation cases, have been praised by millions of customers for their durability. Samsonite stands today for more than just strength and durability. They also represent a brand with a high level of image and style in the travel industry, as well as high tech materials and global manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

The world is becoming more mobile and this will continue to be the case in the near future. Samsonite is close to customers. It has the ability to predict travel needs for today and tomorrow. This has helped to create a world constantly in motion. Samsonite aims at providing travellers with solutions for all travelling needs. This includes any travel type, any weather conditions and locations and transportation. Samsonite luggage offers a wide variety of bags for travel, as each travel type is unique.

Browse through all the Samsonite luggage products in either the Global Luggage Store or the website. You will find that there is something for every traveller. Samsonite knows that every traveler has different needs and wants. They have created different Samsonite luggage ranges depending on the use of each bag. For leisure travellers there are travel bags, garment cases, duffels bags, backpacks, and beauty cases. Attache cases, hard luggage, and trolleys cases can be found for those on holiday.

It is no surprise that Samsonite has a long-standing reputation for being among the best luggage in terms of quality and craftsmanship. This is complemented by the sleek and modern designs with vibrant, glossy colors. Samsonite bags are designed to complement your style and your appearance while you travel through airports and hotels. The details such as reinforced corners, double stitched soft luggage, self-healing zippers, integrated handle, intelligent compartments, pockets, TSA locks, and lightweight spinner wheels all add to overall comfort and convenience. Travellers can rest assured with Samsonite’s suitcases that they will receive quality products which have proven themselves over time.

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