You don’t have to spend too much time online surfing or at the computer and want to make money from home useful source. There are many options. Consider these few jobs first before you explore other options. You only need a computer that has Internet access. You’re probably reading this article so that’s not a problem.

Here are 3 easy ways to make money while sitting at your computer.

1. Online auctions. People today are searching for great deals, especially in today’s economy. There is no better place to buy a bargain than online auctions, maybe except for garage sales. While is the most popular site, there are several other sites that offer online selling. has even been added to the list. Online auctions can make you a lot of money, regardless of whether you list miscellaneous stuff around your house, resell items from garage sales and thrift shops, or sell handcrafted pieces. Each site sets its own rules and guidelines. Online selling tips are available in many books, ebooks, and blogs. Just a little bit of research, self-training, and you can be on your way to making some hard cash.

2. Online Surveys. Companies can improve their products by reaching out directly to the customers. Market research companies are often hired by businesses to find people who will be interested in their products. Anyone who is interested in trying their products/services, and giving feedback. You won’t be rich but you can make some decent income by taking online surveys. Take a survey and you won’t be charged anything. They pay you!

3. Content Writing. Writing is not something you can do by yourself. A good grasp of grammar and punctuation is essential. Writing can be a rewarding career if you’re willing to learn, are disciplined, and have a natural flair. You will find many freelancers looking to create content online. Sites like and post your articles “for sale” and when a website owner or editor sees something they like, they purchase it. offers expert content guidance to help you write articles on any topic. There are endless opportunities once you have made your mark. Look online for excellent articles and tips to help you become a successful freelancer. Also, there are many freelance writing job leads.

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